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Fondazione Mondo Digtale (FMD) is a private Foundation with non-profit legal personality, based in Rome. It has been founded in 2001 through a public-private partnership between the Municipality of Rome and 6 large ICT companies. FMD is committed to the creation of an inclusive society in which innovation, education, inclusion, and fundamental values all work together for the benefit of everyone without discrimination of any kind. It’s mission is to promote the sharing of human knowledge, social inclusion and in-novation with particular focus on school and those at greater risk of exclusion (the elderly, migrants, unemployed young people, and others). It’s headquarters are located at “Città Educativa” in Rome, a public centre of best practice and social innovation for schools managed by FMD. FMD operates at local, national and international level working as a knowledge-oriented non-profit organization with an integrated action research, development, and implementation program and creating a continuous cycle that combines theoretical academic work with the development of tools and projects in the worlds of education for life, digital inclusion, local activities and community building.