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The National Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) is located in the Institute of Education at Dublin City University. ABC is a national research centre that undertakes research on school and workplace bullying. Since its foundation in Trinity College 21 years ago ABC has led the field of research in school and workplace bullying in Ireland and is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in bullying research, that occupies a unique role globally in also providing resources and training to those who wish to address school and workplace bullying, combining a learning resource centre, a helpline, and a counselling service, with a dedication to research. It has received substantial funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Department of Education and Skills, the Health & Safety Authority, the Irish Research Council and from the EU for research projects in the area of school bullying and violence. The Centre maintains numerous international strategic research partnerships, including research centres in Canada, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Finland and Norway (CORE-Net:

The centre provides:

  • Up to date scientific information and resource material to professionals, research students, media and lay people, e.g. TV series “The ABC of Bullying”

  • International Research Conferences with internationally recognised experts for the dissemination of up to date research and practice to professionals, researchers, practitioners and the general public.

  • Workshops of one/two days duration in the public and private sector for management and other employees on Dealing with Workplace Bullying; information given is based on the results of on-going quantitative and qualitative research by the Centre, and findings by other researchers in the area.

  • Reports and recommendations for organisations, including assistance in the development of policies, independent investigations into allegations of bullying for the public and private sector, mediation service between recipients and alleged perpetrators of negative behaviours, independent psychological assessments used in the legal resolution of allegations of bullying and harassment; expert witness in the High Court and at Employment Appeals Tribunals.

  • Over the last 5 years the ABC has participated in more than 15 EU-funded research projects on bullying and cyberbullying prevention (more details can be found in the organizations’ website: ).