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on 31 May 2019 11:36 AM
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The training programme conducted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale in Rome, Italy, involved 27 teachers, trainers, psychologists, psychotherapists and young people in a pilot training programme, characterized by moments of discussion and reflection on specific bullying related issues. Trainers on the project and the facilitators of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale used, among others, the innovative LEGO® Serious Play® and MTa methods to facilitate participants’ points of view, emotions and personal experiences while providing tools to stand against bullying. Fondazione Mondo Digitale interviewed some of the participants who shared their ideas and experience about bullying 

Gentle, exuberant, and a supporter of the AS Roma football team. This is Demis, who participated together with Leonilde, a teacher at L.S. Amaldi in Rome (Italy), in the DisAbuse Italian training. For him, "working in a group, was not difficult at all, on the contrary ...". It was natural for to him to share and exchange his thoughts with his peers in the training, while the LEGO® Serious Play®methodology applied during the training helped him in turning ideas into concrete objects while reflecting deeper. Together with the other participants, he learnt to recognise the various types of bullying, its effects, and strategies to counter it. Most especially the STOP WALK and TALK technique. Click here to hear Demis interview

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