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on 26 Mar 2019 12:48 PM
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It was held yesterday at Fondazione Mondo digitale, the last meeting of the DisAbuse training: How to react and counter bullying

27 participants, young people with special educational needs and 12 teachers, trainers, and psychologists from
· Liceo Edoardo Amaldi - Rome
· Social Cooperative Rifornimento in Volo
· IIS Piaget-Diaz - Rome
· Social Cooperative Nostos - Rome
· IIS Antonio Magarotto - Rome
· High School Dante Alighieri – Latina
Fondazione Mondo Digitale facilitators guided the reflection using the materials developed together with the project partners as well as Lego® Serious Play® and MTA Learning tools. Shared strategies emerged during the session to build resilience and counter bullying:
· Learn to value what you have to offer the world. Ideally, we should be able to see that the challenges from bullying are not a reflection of who we are, but instead are a reflection of the choices made by bullies.
· Learn how to calm down when you feel like falling apart emotionally or aggressive and angry. It helps learning to recognize and name your feelings and reactions.
· Brainstorming responses to something negative helps to solve problems without fear of failure.
· Focus on the Future helps stay hopeful and overcome difficult situations. Thinking about your goals and how to begin accomplishing those now, helps keeping going even in the most challenging situations.
· Accept challenges and to try new things helps to build self esteem
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