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on 03 Oct 2019 2:40 PM
What a wonderful group of people arrived in Rome to tackle bullying and cyberbullying.Our Erasmus + project called Stop Disabuse, which now runs in Ireland, Italy ,Spain and Portugal has already made an impact.Hearing stories of how the materials we developed helped these young people in their lives was very moving.

On Friday, September the 27th, the results of Project “DisAbuse: Disablist Bullying - Experience into Change, Providing the Right Support Services” were presented in Rome. The project tested, in four European countries, new training courses to prevent and tackle bullying against individuals with disabilities.

In Italy, the project, coordinated by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, involved 27 participants (students, teachers and psychologists) in original workshops using the Lego Serious Play Methodology®. “They think we are useless, that we are different, that we are not worth anything and that it’s right to treat us like this”. This is the beginning of an essay written by “F”, a sixteen-year-old student at the Rome Magarotto school for deaf. The challenge was to train the educational community in how to tackle bullying, leading to the creation of Project “DisAbuse: Disablist Bullying - Experience into Change, Providing the Right Support Services”.

The project is implemented as part of the Erasmus+ Programme and promoted by five partners in four European countries: the Anti-bullying Centre at the University of Dublin (Ireland), Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Italy), Institute of Art & Design Technology (Ireland), University of Lisbon (Portugal) and University of Murcia (Spain). On Friday, September 27, the results were presented at the Rome Phyrtual Innovation Gym. The pilot training implementation involved over 100 individuals in Europe, including teachers, students with disabilities, psychologists and psychotherapists, through an innovative course for the acquisition of new competences and inclusive socialisation models.

Organised into six modules with a practical guide for teachers, the programme was conceived to help individuals with special educational needs and disabilities, to support them in preventing and combatting bullying both at school and at work.

All didactic materials are available on the project website:

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