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on 21 Sep 2019 11:34 AM
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The methodologies learned through the Disabuse project have been employed in the My Money Counts initiative which is a joint project between IADT and MABS (Money Advice Budgeting Service in Ireland) to aid people with SEN/D to manage their own income. This provides more independence.

The evaluation of Let's Go, an independent living skills multimedia instructional tool, and Let's Be Safe, a multimedia application, complemented the ongoing work of the Disabuse project, by informing the multimedia design and usability for people with SEN/D.

There is a lack of suitable instructional applications for users with SEN/D. Understanding users’ identified preferences in this project inform the process of development to bridge this digital divide. The evaluation methodologies employed help to create appropriate instructional interventions with value for users with ID, engaging them with educational technology. For example, the adapted System Usability Scale (SUS) self- report measures indicated that participants liked the Let’s Stop Bullying application. The listening activity was the preferred learning modality, followed closely by the game activity. Indications are that participants would like to see more games and videos with people in the application.
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