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on 21 Sep 2019 11:37 AM
  • Evaluation
The methodology used inside DisAbuse project during the training that involved 27 participants in Rome was well appreciated by teachers, support teachers, psychologists and psychotherapists. As a follow-up, the project outcomes and outputs together with the project methodology were included inside the Fondazione Mondo Digitale training offer and tools within the organisation’s didactic targeting schools.

Approximately 200 schools have received an invitation to express their interest in future training based on DisAbuse methodology. As a result, some of the schools participating in the project and others reached by the project information confirmed they will continue applying the DisAbuse methodology to train students during the new school year. Moreover, Fondazione Mondo Digitale organised a meeting with educators from NGOs, local associations, cooperatives and training centres to present the outcomes and outputs of the project and it’s potential for exploitation.

Another meeting with stakeholders was also organised to develop a project proposal to fundraise and continue the project activities.As a result, a proposal is now in progress to fundraise for DisAbuse scale up. The interest and will to follow-up and implement new activities and projects using DisAbuse methodology was very positive and confirms how important is the need for new original methodologies together with the motivation to implement activities that focus on bullying and disabilities.
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