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on 16 May 2019 4:01 PM
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The 2nd World Anti-Bullying Forum was held in Dublin, Ireland at the Helix, Dublin City University from the 4th to 6th of June. With over 1,000 delegates, 900 presentations/workshops/symposia/posters, from over 50 countries worldwide, Ambassadorial representation from 20 nations, and major figures from the IT sector, international and local government the bi-annual event was the biggest, most wide-ranging, conference on Bullying in the World, and a huge success.  

Among those successes was the presence and presentation of the DisAbuse Erasmus+ Project.  Joined on the 4th of June by our partners from ISCTE-IUL, the Irish Partners from ABC,DCU (Professor Mona O’Moore, Fiona Weldon and Lian McGuire) & IADT (Dr Irene Connolly & Marian McDonnell) combined to present an exceptionally well received full hour workshop on Disablist Bullying, the DisAbuse Project, and its Multimedia components.  

Attracting an almost full house to the session, during the give and take of the workshop, it was once again highlighted how little was known about Disablist Bullying even among the researchers and practitioners present.  Thus underlining the importance not only of the project’s resources but the necessity for the raising of awareness about the issue that the partners are undertaking.   

The foundation work and flexibility of the project in its work with SEN/D users and their support network was well received by attendees, and interest was such that all the materials brought by the partners to the stand at the Conference, present for all three days, ran out!  

The partners are also pleased to be able to have had a long conversation with the new European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights Ms Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, discussing with her the necessity for the work DisAbuse is doing and the aims, objectives and outputs of the project.  

As a bi-annual event due to its size and impact the World Anti Bullying Forum returns to Stockholm, Sweden for the next iteration in two years. And DisAbuse hopes, through the outcome of the evaluation of the project by our Spanish Partners, the University of Murcia, and the intent by the partners to continue the aims and work of the project to again have representation at this major event, in regards to combatting disablist bullying in 2021. 


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