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on 27 Sep 2018 2:48 PM

The DisAbuse training course on combatting Disablist Bullying aimed at educating and empowering SEN/D users and those who work alongside them, is a 6 day x 3 ½ hour modular course containing a 45min break at the midpoint each day.  ABC, DCU, undertook the drafting/ creation of the 6 modules under the umbrella title of ‘Let’s Stop Bullying’, they are:

  • Session 1 – What is Bullying and is Not

· Session 2 – Dealing with Cyberbullying

· Session 3 – Understanding Bystanders, Bullies & Victims

· Session 4 – What are Respect & Empathy

· Session 5 – What to do about Bullying

· Session 6 – Keeping strong against Bullying


The modules are in PowerPoint format for use by trainers, incorporating visual aids and mp4s, along with role-play, group work sessions, and open discussions. An accompanying Trainers Manual has been drafted by ABC, DCU, providing a ‘Need to Know’ and ‘Step By Step’ guides for each of the 6 modules/day.  Input and feedback from target users was received and incorporated through the process and each module is designed as a building block for the users to increase their understanding and ability to both react and cope with disablist bullying.   Each module is accompanied by handout documents intended for home use by the participants, and further augmented for online use and accessibility by the partners at IADT.

A full draft of the Modules and Training Manual was circulated in early May for feedback, along with a list of mp4 materials used for partners to begin to source in their own language.  Following a dedicated partner Skype meeting in June, partners sought further SEN/D target user feedback through the summer to be fed back on at the Partner Meeting in Murcia in order to finalise these modules/training materials. 

With the completion of the full draft of the 6 core modules, Fondazione Mondo Digitale in Rome, began an analysis of where LEGO Serious Play Methodology could be applied across the modules, as part of an optional LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® module to supplement the materials for the target trainers.  This will be further discussed at the Partner Meeting in Murcia alongside a specialised presentation of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method  at work. 

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