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on 12 Jul 2019 12:17 PM
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As part of the DisAbuse project, in order to find out whether the course designed meets the objectives set, a research process has been developed to verify it. To this end, the University of Murcia's Educational Technology research group has followed a continuous work process for the elaboration of the questionnaires, their validation process and subsequent analysis. 

Based on a quantitative methodology, a specific questionnaire was designed for each of the three roles participating in the project, namely students and adults with SEN/D, professionals and teachers, and families. A series of items were created that were validated by the expert judgment technique (the different researchers collaborating in the project), which determined the degree of concordance of each question with the objectives. Once this process was completed, a focus group was held at the meeting in Murcia so that the experts could comment on aspects of the questionnaires to be improved.

With the questionnaire finalized, each country proceeded to distribute the questionnaire before and after the completion of the pilot course to the different participants. The analysis is currently being developed to check whether the results of the questionnaire carried out at the end of the course are better than the previous questionnaires for each of the countries involved. 

Soon we will be able to review the results in more detail, both through this tool and during the final conference to be held in Rome (Italy) next September 27th 2019. Moreover, during the International Conference and DisAbuse Workshops the project outcome of the training programme implemented in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal will be shared. 

More information on the international conference is available on the project website, and to participate at the conference and/or workshops registration is needed on the following online form

Finally, all the data collected during the pilot activities will be used to improve, if possible, the DisAbuse project.

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